ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme The Ultimate AM3 Board

Published by Christian Ney on 26.01.11
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Software ASUS ROG

The following softwares has been installed from the disc supplied in the box and it has not been updated.

TurboV EVO

This piece of software allows you to overclock the bus frequency, adjust CPU voltage as well as IMC voltage and DRAM bus voltage in Windows. The changes will take effect in real time. You don't need to reboot your system.

We used TurboV also for our overclocking tests and it was very easy to handle. We think almost everybody with a some knowledge about overclocking should be able to achieve decent results.

FAN Xpert

FAN Xpert allows you to adjust both the CPU and chassis fan speeds according to different ambient temperatures and your PC's system load. The various fan profiles offer flexible controls regarding fan speeds to achieve a quiet and cool system environment.

Probe II

Probe II is a utility that monitors frequencies, voltages, temperatures and fan speeds. You can also start recording monitoring of your computer at system startup.

It allows you to monitor voltages/temperatures of motherboards components as well as fan speeds. It is possible to set a threshold for each components. For exemple, when we had three graphics cards up and running simultaneously there was also a fan we put on top of the three cards. Unfortunately the 6850s heatpipe was blocking a fan blade and Probe II showed, that this fan is not working properly.

Sensor Recorder

The Sensor Recorder allows you to save/record all the different component statuses (voltages/temperatures and also fan speed) every five seconds (fastest mode) in a folder and for a period defined in advance. The results are graphics with the x-axys referring to the time.

ASUS Update

Allows us to check and update the latest available BIOS directly from ASUS website.

System Informations

Like CPU-Z this tool provides you with information about motherboard, CPU and memory.

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