AMD Llano Extreme Overclocking on Gigabyte A75-UD4H

Published by Christian Ney on 27.01.12
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Final Shots and Scores

So here we go: the goal of this short session were the following world records:

Motherboard Reference Clock 183.02 MHz with Sapphire Pure Platinum A75
Processor Frequency 5900.5 mhz with AMD A8-3870K
Memory Clock 1502.8 MHz with Kingston HyperX T1

To be honest I failed concerning the reference clock record. My chip didn't do more than 171 MHz so I was far away from the record and did even worse than other overclockers on air.

On the other side it went well for the other two records I wanted to beat. First of all my chip did 5'900 MHz easily at "only" 1.8 volt. Afterward some more tweaking and fiddling about I managed to hit 6'067 MHz which is now the new processor frequency world record on AMD Llano and the first Llano ever over 6 GHz. Of course the CPU was constantly maintained at -196°C during the entire session. That's what LN2 is good for!

Breaking the memory record was way harder. It took me about an hour to break Morstiboy's record which he did with the famous 1 GB Kingston HyperX T1 memory that have excellent BDBG chips. I used a 4 Gigabyte Module with which it is quite a bit tougher to get frequencies above 3 GHz (effective clock speed). The memory kit I used here is a Quad Channel 16GB Evo Corsa 2400 MHz CL11 from GeIL powered by Hynix H9C chips. It scaled quite well with voltage tweaking and cold. The frequency achieved was 1513.6 MHz driving the memory with 2.1v and cooling it at -146°C.

Big thanks to GELID Solutions for the GC-Extreme thermal compound and GeIL for the Evo Corsa memory kit.


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Wow, what a great comp! Christian Ney smashes all Llano records to oblivion!

HWBOT.ORG’s competition called GIGABYTE X'MAS & New Year Contest just finished with Christian Ney from Switzerland absolutely smashing all scores in style.

Hardware used:

  • AMD A8-3870K 'Llano' CPU
  • Geil Eva Corsa RAM
  • Both RAM & CPU Cooled with LN2
  • Records achieved:

  • World Record Llano Reference Frequency at 200MHz
  • World Record Llano Memory Frequency at 1752.8MHz & 2nd highest overall global RAM frequency achieved! WOW!!!
  • World Record Llano CPU Frequency at 6067.71MHz (also well done to Tsunamijuan and _mat_ for reaching past 6GHz
  • Overclockers are super-nerds and what better way to express happiness than to load up some old school MC Hammer in your submission posts, love it. Christian Ney says… U Can’t Touch This

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    Page 3 - Final shots and Results

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    Author: Chrictian Ney

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