G.Skill Ares 2'133 MHz CL9 Quad Channel 16 GB

Published by Christian Ney on 23.02.12
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First of all you can see, that increasing the voltage by 0.05 volt didn't give us much more frequency headroom. The G.Skill Ares performed very well for a 16GB memory kit, with the stock/default voltage we easily managed to get the kit running at no less than 2400 MHz which is the highest frequency the IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) of our processor is capable of. Therefore we cannot say if higher frequencies were possible because for that we would need a better CPU. On X79 LGA2011 and Sandy Bridge E processors it's easy to run the memory at 2133 MHz but not all chips are capable of operating at higher frequencies. So not only the memory is part of the equation, the CPU is too. Then one can say "wait, then it's no more a memory kit review but mostly a IMC performance test". Regarding the highest frequencies combined with loose timings this is true. This is why we tested different (tighter) timings too. Therefore it is interesting to see that even with tighter Timings these modules can do more than 2'000 MHz.

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