G.Skill Ares 2'133 MHz CL9 Quad Channel 16 GB

Published by Christian Ney on 23.02.12
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Regarding their Ares 2133 MHz CL9 modules, G.Skill succeeded in introducing a high-end quad channel memory kit, that supports high frequencies at still quite tight timings. Furhtermore there even is overclocking headroom. We also like the low profile heatspreader which increases compatibility with high end aircoolers. These days high performance memory modules with low profile heatspreaders is a market gap, because every memory manufacturer puts an even bigger heatspreader on their modules, although it isn't neccessary. Furhtermore the heatsprader has been well designed and manufactured. Last but not least there is the lifetime warranty these modules are being shipped with.
As we can see from our graphs the G.Skill Ares F3-2133C9Q-16GAB modules performed nice when you give them lower latencies and it also was easy to work with these modules. This kit is rated to work at 2133 MHz with 9-11-10 timings and we found that it wasn't a problem for the kit to hit the 2400 MHz CPU limit but in this case we had to loosen the timings a bit to 11-11-11. But still 2400 MHz at 11-11-11 Quad Channel 16GB kit are quite expensive, about CHF 286.- (est. EUR 236.-) while those G.Skill Ares modules have a retail price of CHF 181.30 (est. EUR150.-) which is 60 percent cheaper. Of course the 2400 MHz CL11 kit may perform different with tigher timings and for sure clocks higher than 2400 MHz but when you are only aiming for 2400 MHz CL11 then the G.Skill Ares may be a reason to think about when you plan to save some money.
We generally recommend this memory kit to gamers as well as enthusiasts who want to get a 16GB memory kit which performs above average and was able to convince us.

The G.Skill Ares 16 Gigabyte quad channel memory kit gets very good five of out five stars.

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