Review: ASUS Tranformer TF300T

Published by Marc Büchel on 18.09.12
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Case, Display, Haptics, Dock

ASUS equipped the Transformer Pad TF300T with a casing made of plastics and aluminium which provides the tablet with good enough stability. Furthermore this tablet is available in two different colors. On one hand you can get it with a stylish white painting and on the other hand you can go for the blue option. What we didn't like too much is that the backside has been curved a bit. On the other hand there is the surface with its circular pattern that offers good grip.

The display comes with 10.1 inch size and 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. This means that you get 16:10 aspect ratio which makes it very comfortable to watch videos if you're on the way. Regarding the display ASUS chose an IPS panel this time. Concerning the last Transformer tablet we tested we were complaining about the display but this time they chose really a good model. Therefore it doesn't matter if you look at the contrast ratio or the brightness. Everything is on a very reasonable level and you can use the TF300T everywhere. Of course there is a glare type display but thanks to the brightness level you'll be able to use the TF300T outside in the sun too.

Also the different buttons as well as the additional ports are very well built and they perfectly fit into the case.



The best thing about the Transformer Pad TF300 is that you have the possibility to convert this thing from a tablet to a netbook within seconds. Using the dock you can then comfortably write even longer texts. For this purpose you get a QWERTY-keyboard and last but not least there also is second battery pack in the dock. According to the manufacturer you can get up to sixteen hours of battery life if you have the tablet in the dock.

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