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Published by Marc Büchel on 18.09.12
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General   + -
With the Transformer Pad TF300T ASUS succeeded in something that only a hand full of companies have been able to within the past year: creating a tablet that stands out of the crowd with useful additional features and a unique look. In this context the dock really is a useful addition to this already good tablet. Equally useful is the second battery pack which is in the dock which is capable of increasing the battery life substantially.   - Battery - Dock
- Second battery pack in dock
Case, Display, Haptics   + -
The case is thin, the entire product weighs a bit more than 600 gramms and it comes with a slightly curved shape. Overall holding the TF300T in your hands is a nice experience. It feels like a well manufactured device although it's not made from aluminium. Of course you wont get the stiffness and robustness you get with a metal chassis but still there aren't any parts bending. Something else that is of decent quality is the display. The IPS panel ASUS chose offers good brightness and contrast and you can even use this tablet outside but therefore you'll have to max out the brightness slider. If you should decide to use the tablet to write long texts or emails you will notice that the keys are smaller than with a standard keyboard. In our case we noticed that we did more mistakes when typing.   - Build quality- Design
- Display (IPS Panel)
Performance, Battery Life   + -
NVIDIAs Tegra 3 SoC offers plenty of performance for an Android Ice Cream Sandwich based Tablet. The quad core CPU allows a smooth user experience and there even is plenty of performance for mobile gaming. The battery lasts for almost seven and a half hours when the tablet is being used. Putting the Transformer into the dock gives the thing some extra juice and the battery then lasts for more then twelve and a half hours.   - Smooth browsing and working experience- Mobile gaming
- Battery life
Recommendation   + -
If you should be looking for a tablet with which you can also write longer texts then the TF300T from ASUS is a very good choice. Furthermore the reasonable price tag and the long battery life make this product even more interesting.       
The Transformer Pad TF300T from ASUS gets very good five out of five stars.

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