Prolimatech Lynx Review

Published by Christian Ney on 06.01.14
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General + -
The Prolimatech Lynx comes as a very welcomed surprise. It is an affordable cooler aimed at entry-level market but comes with an impressive level of manufacturing quality. While some coolers might be cheaper, they are also much cheaper in terms of design, simplicity and manufacturing quality. The overall performance is good and noise levels are decent as well. The cooler is silent with the bundled PWM fan, we had no complaints whatsoever on the manufacturing quality, it has an easy and practical mounting system and the only remark is its narrow compatibility on Intel side as there is no support for Intel LGA 775, 1366 or 2011 sockets.   - Performance
- Noise levels
- Quality
- Mouting
- Price
- Socket compatibility
Installation   + -
Mounting is quite easy and practical but unfortunately it does not have a wide compatibility. The mounting mechanism parts are solid, thermal paste comes in a tube and Prolimatech went an extra mile to include additional fan clips in case you want to add another fan.   - Easy and practical
- Compatible Intel and AMD
- Thermal compound (Tube)
- No LGA 775/1366/2011 compatibility
Performance   + -
The cooling performance of the Prolimatech Lynx is definitely good for its size. It does a way better job than most, if not all, cheaper coolers and to make things worse, for competition at least, it even does a better job than some more expensive and bigger coolers.   - Cooling performances  
Noise Levels   + -
The overall noise levels are good and the Prolimatech Lynx is silent. However, we are a bit sensitive when it comes to noise and we would surely like that the noise levels are just a tad bit lower. The cooler is extremely silent but it is not noiseless in idle.   - Silent  
Recommendation / Price   + -
We can definitely recommend this cooler as it is a very good alternative to boxed and cheap looking coolers. The Prolimatech Lynx is high quality cooler with an aggressive price of 25 Euros, and even good enough to put to shame some higher priced and bigger coolers from its competitors.   - Price - Office PC
- Gaming
- Overclocking
We gave the Lynx from Prolimatech 4 out of 5 stars.

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