Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige Review

Published by Christian Ney on 12.12.13
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Cooler Master is relatively new in the CPU AIO water cooling market and with the recent introduction of the Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige, it is quite clear that the company wants a bigger piece of that market. Teaming up with the likes of Alphacool from Germany and Eheim for the pump design, Cooler Master is definitely aiming at high-end market. The Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige promises some rather unique and impressive features and since it is based on an open-type design, it is expandable with more components, something that we do not usually see in the AIO water cooling market. Today, we embark on a journey to check out if the Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige has what it takes to compete in an already crowded CPU AIO water cooling market.

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Not so long ago, Cooler Master announced and released its new Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige open-type All-in-One water cooling setup that promised some interesting features with its open-type design where you can actually add more components to the loop. Based on German design with Alphacool behind it, the Eisberg 120L Prestige was certainly a novelty in the AIO water cooler market filled with Asetek and CoolIT designs. It features a pure copper radiator and water block which were paired up with a powerful pump and water injection technology. When announced and on the paper, the Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige is certainly an interesting, high-end and innovative product and we hope that it can live up to its name.


As noted earlier, the radiator on the Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige is made entirely from copper. Usually, copper is used only for water blocks while companies prefer to use aluminium for the radiator. Copper allows better and faster heat exchange but is also much more expensive when compared to aluminium. The Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige features 10/8 flexible tubing with ant-kink coil protection, something usually reserved for high-end AIO water coolers. The pure power of the Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige lies in its powerful ceramic bearing pump that comes from Eheim. The unit is quite bigger when compared to other AIO water coolers on the market and offers 3'600RPM at 12V, which translates to around 400l/h. Usually, AIO water coolers are equipped with 1'200-1'500RPM pumps and in the case of Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige, the stronger pump makes perfect sense considering that it is an open-type AIO cooler and the pump should be capable in dealing with additional components. We just hope that it will be silent because 3'600 RPM just doesn't sound good.

The radiator comes with two 120x25mm Cooler Master, model SA12025SA2 fans. The manufacturing quality is decent and we have not found any manufacturing mistakes or issues on our sample. You might be asking why the copper is shimmering through the black paint. When there is a thick layer of paint covering the radiator, this deacreases heat conductivity, which is why there is only a thin layer of paint. 

The design is quite standard although some might prefer a bit more modern designs from the competition while some might even prefer the industrial look of the Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige.


Model RL-EB12-16FK-R1
Type AIO WaterCooler
Provided Fan(s) 2x 120x25mm 3-pin
Supported Fan(s) 2x 120mm
Base Material Copper
Radiator Material Copper
Socket Support AMD AM2(+), AM3(+), FM1, FM2
Intel LGA 775, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011
OEM Alphacool
Thermal compound CM Eiscreme (Tube)
Product Page Eisberg 120L Prestige


The Cooler Master Eisberg 120L Prestige comes in a standard AIO water cooler box, which explains all the features of the cooler, while the unit itself is safely secured in cardboard made mold. The bundle is standard and includes the unit, manual, 120mm rubber "spacers", 5V adapter extension cable for the pump, mounting components, a tube of thermal compound (Cooler Master Eiscreme) and of course the two previously mentioned 120mm fans. The fact that Cooler Master did not pre-apply the thermal paste certainly points out that this is the high-end unit aimed more at enthusiasts rather than an average consumer. When the thermal paste is pre-applied, it leaves a lot of room for errors, but on the other hand, it makes the mounting a bit more easier for an average user.

The warranty is unfortunately quite low at two years, especially considering that it is marketed as a high-end  product.

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