Review: Patriot Extreme Masters Viper 3 Limited Edition 2x4GB DDR3-2133 MHz CL11

Published by Christian Ney on 22.11.12
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Using geizhals as our price research tool, we find that offers for 2x4GB sets of 2133C11 Extreme Masters LE Series start at 45 Euros excluding shipping across the EU. Taking a look at similarly clocked kits from other manufacturers shows us that the Patriot is by a few cents the cheapest. Out of twenty kits ten are priced 45 Euros, the rest is priced around 50-56 Euros. For a Limited Edition memory kit that's a very good price tag.

All things considered, we can confirm why Patriot is not in the lead when it comes to producing enthusiast memory at the moment. While product quality is clearly above average, there still are some minor issues with the binning which might serve as a barrier for potential buyers. This memory line is built for gamers thanks to the design and price that's it.

We will try to be fair when handing out a rating. Starting with perfect five, we take away one star for the failure to achieve rated speeds using common manual settings, so the end result is four stars out of five.


  • Design
  • Height (4.2cm)
  • Voltage scaling
  • Price
  • Rated voltage (1.5v)

  • Con:
  • Unusual straight timings
  • Command Rate (3T)
  • Fail specs with 1T

  • Rating

    The Patriot Extreme Masters Viper 3 Limited Edition PVI38G213C1K kit receives the rating of 4 out of five stars.

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    Author: Christian Ney

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