Review: Gelid Solutions The Black Edition Twin-Tower-Cooler

Published by Marc Büchel on 18.01.13
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General   + -
With the The Black Edition, Gelid Solutions shows an overall good cooler. In terms of cooling capacity the The Black Edition has been able to reach the center span of our comparison tables. In this regard we have to say that the competition is very hard concerning our test field. There are almost no entry level coolers in our comparison table and therefore the The Black Edition has to compete with the absolute best in class. It's not only the performance that is on a good level with this cooler, we also like the build quality. Looking at the design of the cooler it looks quite unusual because of the asymmetrically thick fans.   - Performance
- Manufacturing quality
Installation   + -
The installation process is easy and you can mount the cooler quickly. Nevertheless we didn't want to install it without consulting the manual. Furthermore we would have loved to see screws which could be tightened to the backplate before you put the backplate in place. This would make the entire mounting process quite a bit easier.   - Robust - Screws can't be tightened to backplate


Performance   + -

During our tests we used the fans which were in the delivery. If you drive the fans at low rotation speeds, they are silent. Driving them at 12 Volt makes the fanblades rotate with 1500 and 1600 rpm which causes an audible noiselevel. In the end performance is on a reasonable level and even overclocking is possible.

  - Good cooling capacity  
Recommendation   + -
If you're looking for a well performing CPU cooler, which is reasonably sized and leaves space for every single oversized memory module available out there, then the The Black Edition from Gelid Solutions is a good choice.   - Gamer
- Overclocker

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Author: Marc Büchel

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