Tesoro Shrike H2L Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 15.04.13
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Closer Look

As you can see from the images above, the Shrike features three different surfaces, when you look at the product from above. Basically the entire product is made from plastic, whereas the top cover looks like it's been made from hairline brushed aluminium. Other parts of the mouse are made from polished plastic and the area, where you put your thumb comes with a thick rubber coating. Overall the design fits perfectly into Tesoro's lineup. You can find the same kind of surfaces and colors on other products from Tesoro too. Another neat feature is the background lighting of the buttons, which makes them well visible also at nighttime in the dark. Furthermore you'll find Tesoro's logo, which has been engraved and it's not too prominent but still well visible.

Bottom side and weight stones

Tesoro decided to equip this mouse with an Avago 9600, state-of-the-art laser sensor. The maximum resolution is 5600 DPI, which should be plenty for every gamer out there. Furthremore this mouse has been equipped with glidepads made from teflon. We recommend to use this mouse in combination with a mousmat, that is made from plastic or aluminium. It should also have a fine structure. Under these circumstances gliding characteristics are excellent. Also a neat addition are the weight stones. There are three pieces that weigh ten grams and one piece that weighs five grams.

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