ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 12.05.14
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Super Alloy 9 Series Motherboard

Since quite some time ASRock has been equipping its boards with digital power designs. This time the company is rather proud, that they're using their so called "Super Alloy" chokes, which help reducing operating temperature and therefore increase lifespan.

ASRock APP Shop

ASRock has made their own small App Shop. Users can download applications to optimize their system to individual needs.

M.2 Support

Featuring an M.2 slot this board can be equipped with SSDs in M.2 format. M.2 is wired directly to the Z97 PCH via two PCI Express lanes, therefore offering x2 bandwidth. In other words up to 10 Gbps can be pushed over the bus through this slot, almost doubling performance of SATA-III.

ASRock Cloud

For it's cloud storage service ASRock partnered up with Kloudian, offering customers a free three year subscription to the service. ASRock Cloud helps you synchronizing data you have on your smartphone as well as PC.

Purity SoundTM 2

ASRocks Purity 2 audio solution is based on a Realtek ALC1150 audio codec, that features 115dB SNR. other than that there is EMI shielding for the main chip as well as onboard isolation.In order to improve signal quality there are excellent Nichicon capacitors onboard.

SATA Express Connector

SATA Express is a new port for storage devices that basically combines two SATA connectors and bundles them. Each SATA Express port has been wired using two PCI Express Gen2 lanes offering a total of 10 Gbps bandwidth. Compared to SATA-III with 6 Gbps bandwidth this is quite an improvement.

Killer E2200

ASRock equips their gaming motherboards with an E2200 Killer NIC. This chip is capable of providing features like traffic shaping on application level, which can help realizing a smoother online gaming experience.

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