ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 25.07.16
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Digital Power Design

Since quite some time ASUS has been equipping its boards with digital power designs. Using the right software it is not only possible to adjust voltages while being in Windows one can now also control impedances. Furthermore this board features mosfets from International Rectifier as well as MicroFine chokes and 10K black metallic capacitors.

Aura Lighting

Aura Lighting is basically ASUS's name for extensive RGB lighting. For that purpose the company decided to backlight several different parts on this motherboard. There is for example the I/O shield, the shroud covering the I/O shield, the release clamps at the end of each PCI-Express x16 slot, the PCH heatsink as well as the entire right edge of the board. Apart from that there is also a header to connect RGB LED strips to the motherboard, which can then be controlled via ASUS's integrated software.


The onboard audio on this board is very similar to the implementation we've seen on its predecessor, the Rampage V Extreme. Supporting up to eight channels, the SupremeFX solution received shielding from other onboard components. Apart from that there are high quality ELNA capacitors offering as clear as possible audio. ASUS is also covered the audio chip with black chrome to minimize electromagnetic interferences.
Nevertheless ASUS is taking the audio a step further with this board, basically shipping it with an external sound card for your 5.25 inch bay. A quick look under its bonnet quickly reveals there are some high quality components such as an ESS 9018M2M DAC, Nichicon and WIMA capacitors, a LM4562 and TPA6120 output stage, a sonic senseamp as well as a depop-relay.

Safe Slot

There are four full size PCIe slots on this particular board, which have been equipped with a steel frame. If you place a large and heavy gaming graphics card, while the board is mounted in a case, you will notice, that over time the slots starts to bend by a little bit. Furthermore, durgin rough transporting it can happen, that the PCIe slot break by the sheer force. In both cases the steel armor should help increasing protection of the PCIe slots. Apart from that also the memory slots received steel frames which helps increasing stiffness and also reduces electrical inteference.

M.2/U.2 Support

The ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard features an M.2 as well as a U.2 slot. Both slots have been wired directly to the X99 PCH via four PCI Express 3.0 lanes. In other words up to 32 Gbps can be pushed over the bus through these slots.

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