Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 18.12.14
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Thermalright ships their Silver Arrow ITX with mounting kits that are compatible to most common Intel and AMD sockets. Basically mounting the cooler is simple but still we'd recommend to consult the manual since there are quite a few pieces which need to be put together before the cooler can actually be mounted.

On these pictures you can clearly see that the Silver Arrow ITX is a monster. Nevertheless you can still install memory with big heatspreaders evem in the DIMM slots of quite a few ITX motherboards.

Page 1 - Presentation / Specifications
Page 2 - Compatibility List
Page 3 - Photo Gallery
Page 4 - Installation
Page 5 - Test Setup
Page 6 - Absolute Performance
Page 7 - PWM Performance
Page 8 - Conclusion

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