Ozone Strike Pro Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 15.01.16
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With the Strike Pro, Ozone has created a gaming keyboard with standard layout. The advantage of this layout is that the keyboard features a normal size without extra macro keys or multimedia buttons and it does not take as much space on the desk as other high-end keyboard do. This is quite important and especially during LAN parties where it can be an advantage, since it is quite often the case that there is not enough space.
The Strike Pro is a mechanical keyboard and uses Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, great for most hardcore gamers. The backlight is red and white with different levels of intensity which can be selected via a dedicated button located at the top right part of the keyboard. The tactile feedback is very good as well as the perfomance. We also like the fact, that keycaps are grippy.



If you lift up and rotate the Ozone Strike Pro you will understand how robust this thing actually is. The build quality is on a a very good level. Even a hardcore gamer (famous for destroying one keyboard after another) will enjoy this this particular model for a long time. Regarding connectivity, Ozone decided to use a black USB 2.0 cable paired with a couple of audio jack 3.5mm both sleeved.

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