Cooltek Skall Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 25.01.16
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Product overview


The Cooltek Skall is a mid tower case, which is compatible with ATX form factor motherboards. Apart from that there is also plenty of space for large CPU coolers and massive graphics cards. The front has been covered using a large mesh, which helps realizing high airflow. The top part of the front comes with an I/O panel, which features two USB 3.0 ports, two USB2.0 ports, fan controller, headphone and microphone jacks as well as the standard power and reset buttons. Both side panels are solid, well finished and the left one can be equipped with up to four fans. The rear is simple and has all the features you would expect from such a case, including a spot for a 120mm fan and the motherboard I/O panel. The Skall comes with a total of than seven expansion slots and openings meant for liquid cooling tubes to pass through. In the bottom part you can find a place for an ATX power supply as well as an additional fan spot. The bottom of the case is equipped with four plastic feet that raise and stabilize it.

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