Jonsbo UMX4 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 23.08.16
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The UMX4 from Jonsbo is one of the smaller ATX cases we've had for testing so far. Despite its compact dimensions there is enough space available on the inside. The motherboard is placed vertically with the socket and slots facing towards the side panel while the power supply has been put in the front part of the case. As far as the storage options go, you can equip the UMX4 with up to two 3.5" HDD and four 2.5" devices. All HDDs are positioned on slides which can be fixed to the front of the case. Despite the small dimensions of this case, which are 204 mm (W) x 437 mm (H) x 426 mm (D), the UMX4 allows installing high-end graphics cards and big coolers. On this model Jonsbo placed rubber grommets and cable tie loops almost at the entire motherboard tray, but we would like to see top quality rubber grommets and also more of them even for the CPU power cable or the GPU cables. For our test system, we used a fully modular ATX PSU and there was no issue. Regarding the CPU cooler we have used a huge cooler from Phanteks and we barely managed to close the side panel, the maximum height for tower coolers is 162mm.

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