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Published by Luca Rocchi on 16.05.17
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Ventilation options


  • InWin 301
  • InWin 301
  • InWin 301
As far as cooling is concerned, the 301 offers quite a few features. The front and the bottom offer enough space to be equipped with two 120mm fans or two 240 millimeters radiator. There are dust filters covering every air intake slot and regarding compatibility with radiators you should be aware that if you place one in the bottom you will block PCI slot of your motherboard. On the front part there is a bracket to install your radiator. For testing purposes we have used a Corsair H100i V2 all-in-one which barely fits. Since there are a few limitations in terms of size, we recommend to visit the official site for a complete compatibility list. Despite the good compatibility with water cooling setups, we don't recommend to use this model with extensive water cooling loops since there isn't too much space available for this particular purpose.

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