Jonsbo UMX4 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 23.08.16
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Overall the UMX4 from Jonsbo is a good case and it's overall a good solution for those, who'd like to build a very elegant and exclusive, not too big gaming PC. There is quite some space available on the inside of the case, which helps with good compatibility. We appreciate the very compact dimensions of this case, and it's remarkable that there is room for a high-range graphics card as well as an ATX power supply.

Despite initial concerns about the internal layout, Jonsbo did a good job arranging it. The build quality is overall good if not close to perfect. The main body is made from high-quality aluminum while the interior consists of an alloy (Magnesium and SCCC steel). This case is also a lot about looks and this is where the UMX4 really shines. A quick look at cable management options reveals it's sufficient and allows hiding unwanted wires despite the fact that we would have liked to see more rubber grommets around the motherboard tray. The only aspect that has puzzled us are the glass panels, since they don't use the same good pairing system like the UMX1. On the UMX4 you won't find a quick release system since there are just simple screws. Apparenjtly this is not the worst that could have been done, but compare to the UMX1 is ruins - if we were to say so - the looks to a certain extent. The compatibility with cooling solutions is adequate realtively to the size of the case, infact inside the UMX4 you can use high-end tower cooler or AIO/WC setup.

The Jonsbo UMX4 is available on for 149.99 Euro, while the tempered glass version costs 159.99 euro. Given the high build quality and the fact that there is a decent bundle included, the price is competitive. We award this case with 4 stars out of 5.

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