Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 23.11.16
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Finally Corsair succeeded in creating a new and fresh looking case, which is capable of convincing us. We really like the overall looks and especially the clean interior and exception al cable management. Nevertheless, the design of the dust filters is not everybodies favorite and it will polarize. We would have loved to find the same honey comb structure that has been incorporated into the PSU cover as well as the back of the case. Repeating shapes usually make for more homogenous looks. Still Corsair's new Crystal Series cases are capable of clearly differentiating itself from the competition, which is always something a vendor wants to achieve with it's products. Although the design language is still a little bit noisy it is certainly a move into the right direction.

Looking at the ventilation concept Corsair did a good job with the 570X. Included in the delivery there are three 120mm RGB fans, while all of them have been place in the front. If we could wish for something then we would love to find a fourth fan in the delivery, mounted at the back, enable optimal airflow. Apart from that, since this is definitely not a cheap case, would have also like it if the steel frame was made from thicker material, but at the end of the day we have to say we're complaining on a very high level.

Certainly the best feature about this case is the RGB lighting. The integrated fan controller as well as the RGB LED fans, look great and it's very easy to change colors and modes. In total six fans can be controlled, while, as we already mentioned several times, three have been included included in the delivery. At this point we would like it there were different versions of the case available where the number of fans is different. Apparently Corsair did not add more fans, since they wanted to hit a price point below 200 Euro. One thing we really don't understand is why the lighting of the PSU cover is only white and not RGB capable. If you're not going to light your case white, we'd recommend you to simply not connect this part.

The Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB with tempered glass is available with a street price of 199,99 euro excluding shipping costs. In our opinion this case is definitely not a bargain, but it's also not too expensive. We award the Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB with 4 out of 5 stars.

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