Windows 8 RTC Bug analyzed and fixed!

Published by Christian Ney on 22.08.13
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  • Windows 8 benchmarking results cannot be trusted since it is very easy to fool the RTC.
  • AMD can be affected too.
  • Windows 7 doesn't have this issue unless somebody know how to make the RTC use the same timer source as the QPC. In other words use the DMI as source.
  • Windows 8 is the only one to blame here as the RTC is set to use the same timer source as the QPC and this one fails to use an external hardware timer source on Intel platforms and use the DMI frequency instead due to missing/faulty BCD parameter.
  • To fix it: run cmd as admin and paste "bcdedit /set {current} useplatformclock Yes"

Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Windows 8 testing on Intel
Page 3 - Windows 8 testing on AMD
Page 4 - Windows 8 installed on AMD testing on Intel
Page 5 - Is AMD really problem-free
Page 6 - What about Windows 7
Page 7 - Conclusion

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