be quiet! Pure Power L8 700W Review

Published by Lukas Mühle on 05.11.13
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Be quiet!'s Pure Power L8 700W is a decent mid- to high-end PSU that offers 80Plus Bronze certification and is produced by HEC (OEM). With the price of around US $100 it should not break anyones budget and still offer decent performance.

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The be quiet! Pure Power L8 700W is packed in a rather simple box, which is pretty much what you get with most, if not all, PSUs in this price range. It shows all the usually specifications and features while gives enough protection to the PSU wrapped inside the bubble-wrap.

The be quiet! Pure Power L8 700W comes bundled with the manual, standard power cord, a couple of cable tiers in case you want to keep things tidy in your case as well as four screws to secure it to the case.

The Pure Power L8 700W uses a black painted case with standard 150x160x86 dimensions and bottom mounted fan placed behind the grill. Since it is not a modular PSU, all cables come from a single point. The entire unit weighs 1.93kg. The fan behind the grill is silence-optimized 120mm be quiet! fan that features durable Rifle-Bearing-Technology and thermal control, offering best compromise between proper cooling and quiet performance.

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