Seasonic Platinum Series SS-660XP2 Review

Published by Lukas Mühle on 02.12.13
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A Look Inside


Right at the input there is the filter PCB. At the PCB is the transient filtering stage which continues with two X, four Y, a CM and DM chokes as well as 4 MOVs (Metal-Oxid-Varistor). Additionally there is an NTC Thermistor for in-rush current limitation. A mechanical relay shorts the NTC Thermistor for normal operation. The Transient filtering stage is pretty impressive and we have not seen that many PSUs with such good input filtering.

Two GBJ 1506 (15A) are used for rectifying. The PFC Booster consists out of two IPP50R250CP Mosfets (550V, 0.25Ohm, 13A) and a C3D06060 (600V, 6A, Qc 16nC) SiC Schottky Diode. The APFC is controled by a NCP1654 from ON Semiconductor. The NCP1654 has a Gate driver performance of 1.5A. This PSU has 2 APFC capacitors from Nippon Chemi-Con (KMR series; 220uF, 420V, 105C each). Four IPP50R399CP (560V, 0.4Ohm, 9 A) Mosfets are used on the primary side of the LLC resonance converter. The LLC resonance converter is controlled by a CM6901. The primary side of this PSU is rock solid. Especially the costly transient filtering stage and the high end Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con Capacitors are high end.

The primary side of this PSU is very similar to the one found with the Seasonic X-Series PSUs.

The secondary side however differs a lot. The 12V MOSFETs are no more placed on the bottom side of the main PCB, but on a daughter PCB with direct heatsink. Seasonic used of high end Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors on front side and pairing them up with cheaper Enesol solid caps on the secondary side points out that Seasonic had to save some money here and did not go for a full Nippon Chemi-Con design.

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