Microcool Banchetto K Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 20.03.14
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Thanks to the clear instructions included in the box, the installation of the components on the Microcool K is an easy and intuitive operation and almost a no-brainer. To install the motherboard you need to place  the standoffs and tighten the thumbscrews, nothing could be simpler. The same method is used for the chrome bars and the fan supports .
Storage devices and PSU do not have a real support with screw mounting as there are only two seats available which thankfully ensure a very good stability. In case you want to use one or two SSD instead of HDD, the box includes a rubber foam that will allow you to install 2.5" devices.
For our test we used two platforms, EVGA with ATX and E-ATX form factor. In both cases, we did not note any incompatibility problems and the installation was simple as we expected. Also the supports for the expansion cards fit perfectly into the holes of the graphics card so it does not need any pressure on the brackets or other components. Regarding the fans, we like the design adopted by Microcool, however, it is only compabitile with 25mm thick fans, therefore it is not possible to use fans thicker, like for example, the UltraKaze Scythe.


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