Bitfenix Shadow Review

Published by Francesco Daghini on 10.04.14
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Left Side


Same as the right panel, the left panel is also plain and simple, with a black paint and no cut-outs. It is also secured to the chassis with two thumb-screws. Once the panel is removed, you get a full access to the case insides. The right side of the case features three 5.25" slots and seven 3.5" slots. The HDDs can be assembled to the case without using any tools since all slots have a tool-less system. The top right area includes a lot of cables coming in, which must be connected to the motherboard in order to be able to use all the buttons and USB ports on the top panel. The bottom part of the case features a big cut with a removable duster filter allowing the PSU to get fresh air from the outside without sucking in all the dust. The bottom part of the case also features room for two 2.5" drives. Despite the fact that the Bitfenix Shadow is not a big case, we were able to fit a tower cooler in there, and you could also fit an AIO cooler, as long as it features a 120mm radiator. There not much else to see in there, beside the two 120mm Spectre fan (one in the front, and one in back), and the motherboard tray itself. We are not sure of the reason, but it might have something to do with the fact that Bitfenix wanted to lower the cost. Bitfenix also decided to carve the motherboard tray with a few "standoffs holes", so that you can put your motherboard in without using regular standoffs (that's why they only put two of them in the bundle). We think it would have been better if Bitfenix had spent a few words on this matter, since it is not obvious why there are no standoffs in the bundle, and even the included manual does not say anything about it.


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