Bitfenix Shadow Review

Published by Francesco Daghini on 10.04.14
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General   + -
The new Bitfenix Shadow is a good case, with a neat and elegant look. It has a few interesting features, but also a certain number of flaws that could be addressed easily. The bundle is very good and you get two 120mm Spectre fans, with room for two more which can be installed inside the case.   - Included fans
Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -

The overall manufacturing quality is good and the Bitfenix SofTouch finish is well done as usual, but it is also very easy to spoil and mess up, even when you touch it with fingers. The rest of the case is made out of black painted metal, there are no sharp corners, which is pretty common on this range of cases. The duster filters are very important on a modern case, and the Bitfenix Shadow has two big ones, which should be able to stop the most amount of the dust.

  - Build quality - Dust filters - SofTouch finish - Space behind the motherboard tray
Design   + -
The design is simple and well made and the new Bitfenix Shadow could easily fit in any home or even office background, without being out of style. The magnetic door gives it that something special that you will not find on many cases.   - Magnetic door - Motherboard mounting system not clear - Very concise user manual
Recommendation   + -
You could easily put a high-end rig into the Bitfenix Shadow, with more than one GPU, tower cooler, even a complete liquid cooling system if you are tidy, and standard ATX PSUs. It might be little, but it will be able to surprise you. It is sold for 60€ on Geizhals and while you can find a few cases for this kind of price that offer you more feature than the Bitfenix Shadow, we think that Bitfenix should consider to lower the price or put in a few more interesting features.     Price
The Bitfenix Shadow gets three out of five stars.

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