Antec ISK600 Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 04.09.14
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Product overview



The ISK600 from Antec is a case with a simple and linear design, made of black metal and featuing an aluminum shell. The dimensions of 369mm x 195mm x 260mm are compact, which allows for an HTPC build for your living room. The front panel is characterized by a LED strip, which is essentially cutting the front panel in two halfs. On top of the LED bard, there is the manufacturers name engraved and you can also find the I/O panel as well as power and reset button at this place. To be a bit more precise on the matter you will find a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port and a small audio panel with two jacks. Although the case has no full-size 5.25" slot, you can install a slim-line optical disk drive that blends in with the design of this case.
A closer look at the side panels reveals that there are mesh openings on both sides, allowing for air to be drawn in and therefore optimize cooling. The top and bottom are smooth and there are no openings. The case stands on four feet made ​​of solid rubber which provides a good grip. As we mentioned on the introduction page, the Antec ISK600 is a mini-ITX case and therefore, in the back there are only two expansion slots. Apart from that there is pre-installed 120 mm fan and since you install the PSU in the front, the PSU connector has been routed to the back of the case.




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