Antec ISK600 Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 04.09.14
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General   + -
The ISK600 from Antec is a small and compact case, designed for small gaming systems or HTPC use. Despite its compact size you can install long graphics cards and PSU with ATX form factor. The design is simple and elegant and the materials used are of decent quality and we do appreciate, that also aluminum has been used to a certain extent. Althought the ISK600 features a rather low price tag the vendor includes good decent bundle that includes a 120 mm fan.  

-Price - Bundle

Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
The build quality is overall on decent level and only the front panel could be reworked in order to blend in on the same level as the rest of the case. The chassis is made from SECC steel with 0.8 mm thickness, which is enough to provided rigidity to the case. The aluminum side and top panels give the case a certain touch of elegance. The internal and external painting is the average when compared to other product we've had for testing so far. The interior space is decent, but a few extra centimeters here and there would have been great in order to make things with the power supply and also with cooling a little bit easier. What we actually like is that the carriage for 3.5 inch drives is removable, which allows for the installation or larger CPU coolers.  

- Aluminum - Long graphics card

- PSU space
- Front panel
- CPU cooler space
Design / Layout   + -
As far as design is concerned, we think that nobody could ever say something negative about the Antec ISK600, mainly because it features a simple look, it has no strange details nor aesthetic flaws. It is a simple case, with an elegant look that could fit in any kind of environment. Despite the size of the case, you can install large graphics cards and therefore the case is perfectly suitable for building a powerful HTPC or SteamOS system.   - Design
Recommendation   + -
The Antec ISK600 leaves us with mixed of feelings. The thing with this product is, that it's not really clear what the target audience is. You can certainly use it for an HTPC build but also there is the possibility to install discrete graphics cards and therefore assemble a miniITX gaming rig. But in both scenarions the ISK600 doesn't really shine bright. Last but not least having a look at prices we find this case listed on Geizhals for 53 Euro, which is ok for what you get.  

- MiniiTX Gaming
- Office use - HTPC


The Antec ISK600 gets good 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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