Silverstone Sugo SG13 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 06.03.15
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To describe the interior layout of this case in a most simple way, one could say that there are basically two floors. In the bottom of the SG13Q you horizontally place the motherboard and there is a slot for a 120/140 millimeter fan directly at the back of the case blowing in fresh air. On top of the motherboard you find space for a standard ATX power supply with the fan facing outside of the case. As far as the storage is concerned, you can equip the SG13Q with one 3.5" HDD or alternatively various combinations with 2.5" devices. HDDs are positioned on slides which are attached to the bottom side and the top of the case. Despite its very small dimensions of 222 x 181 x 285 mm, the SG13Q is offers space for a wide range of graphics cards as well as a medium-sized ATX power supplie. For our system, we used a fully modular and sleeved 550W ATX PSU, which was probably not the best solution but despite this, we were able to realize a neat cable management as well and on top of that we didn't have any trouble assembling the system. Unfortunately, due to the size of the case it's necessary to use a low profile CPU cooler with a maximum height of 61 millimeters. Alternatively you can also install an all-in-one watercooler. The assembly has proven to be easier than expected, especially thanks to the numerous cut outs that make things more accessible.

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