In Win 904 Plus Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 11.05.15
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The instructions inside the 904 Plus are very clear and are certainly helpful during the installation of the components. Despite the unconventional design of the In Win 904 Plus, the components are almost arranged like in a normal case. In order to keep the wiring as easy as possible, In Win equipped the 904 Plus with pre-installed SATA cables which are directly connected to all 3.5" devices. As previously mentioned, the In Win 904 Plus is not so far away from a standard case, since it is compatible with large power supplies, high-end graphics cards and water/air coolers.
For our test we chose to use a modular power supply from Seasonic, an ATX motherboard and a high-end graphics card from Club3D. During the installation phase we did not detect specific problems, and only the placement of the radiator was not completely straightforward. Despite the flare and grooves made by In Win, which should allo a smooth passage of liquid cooling tubes, we found some issue with our H80i, which is probably related to the specific system. The H80i uses PET tubes with an above average thickness, therefore we believe that with a more compact system there should be no problems.
At the motherboard tray and on the entire chassis, there are several loopholes that will help you get a good cable management. After placing all the components, we can say that the space inside the In Win 904 Plus is more than enough. Despite some initial doubt about the wiring, we have to say that thanks to the black sleeved cables and the blacks smoked glass you will hardly notice any cable clutter inside the case.

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