Cougar Immersa Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 01.12.16
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The Immersa from Cougar is a good gaming headset in almost every scenario. Despite our initial scepticism beacuse of the products overall very low weight the Immersa managed to convince us. Apparently the low weight also has advantages in regard to comfort. The Immersa is very comfortable to wear and it fits almost any headshape nicely. The build quality, as well as the materials, fully comply with the Cougar's standards and any aspect or detail have not been left to chance. The cable is not removable, however, has a suitable length which should ensure a high level of comfort. The only thing we didn't like is the remote control, which is bulky and made from cheap plastic.

The sound quality of the speakers is on a good level, and in our opinion, the highs and bass are quite well balanced, allowing a user to fine tune it towards personal taste. Only the mids could be improved, since in some situations they are not present enough. The passive isolation of the ear cups is good as well, while the padding used by Cougar and the particular shape of the ear cups provide good isolation from the surrounding environment. The microphone, which has been placed on a flexible and retractable arm, is average compared to other products we've tested over the past years, resulting in well understandable voice, but the quality could not be described as crystal clear. The Immersa does not require any software in order to work properly, it is only necessary to connect all the cables supplied to start using headphones. Last but not least, the Immersa is also compabitle with smartphones.

Checking, we find this headset for 45 Euros excluding shipping costs. The price is certainly very interesting for a product of this type. Overall the Cougar Immersa scores 4 stars out of 5.

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