Deepcool Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 16.07.18
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General + -
With the Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB, Deepcool offers a new generation of AiO coolers. We like the fact that Deepcool has included some RGB LEDs on the waterblock, in this way you can customize your cooler and create a proper color scheme. In other words this cooler is suitable for almost any build. Cooling performance in combination with the two 120mm PWM fans included in delivery is very good. On the other hard, the noise level isn't on the same good level.   - Cooling capacity
- Quality
- Noise levels
Installation   + -
The installation is simple and pretty straightforward. With two included mounting kits, where one is for Intel and another for AMD sockets, it should be quite easy even for less technical users to mount the cooler properly in a heartbeat. The only - very minor - drawback that we could find is that it is unfortunately not compatible with LGA 775 socket. The thermal paste isn't pre-applied and it's included in the box. The pump block is a bit large and might be a problem with SFF setups.   - Easy and practical
- Compatible Intel and AMD
- Large pump
Performance   + -
The Deepcool Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB features excellent cooling performance in every scenario, including 7V and 12V as well as the PWM mode. We tested the Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB with our fan controller which we use for all reviews. With the fans set to 7V, the Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB managed seventh place and at 12V it scores ninth regarding load temperatures. Using the PWM mode the Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB reaches 13th place.   - Cooling performances  
Noise Levels   + -
The pump on the Deepcool Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB is not inaudible but in order to hear it you have to move close to it with you ear. If you have the watercooler in a closed case you definitely won't hear it. While using two fans at 7V, the Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB is subjectively very silent hitting 32 dBA. At 12V, we measured 42 dBA, which is actually little noisy. When testing the cooler in PWM mode, noise levels do not go past 37 dBA, which is on a reasonable level.  

Recommendation / Price   + -
The suggested retail price of the Deepcool Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB is $109.99 USD. In our opinion, the price reflects the quality of the product and our results obtained. The build quality is on a good level as well as the bundle. We are always very specific in terms of noise and, in our opinion, it is too high in some scenarios. At least the pump stays inaudible as long as you use it in a closed case.   - Gaming PC
- High-End
- Price
We gave the Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB from Deepcool 4 out of 5 stars.

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