NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal) Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 22.12.16
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The NVIDIA Titan X is simply the fastest single GPU graphics card out there so far. Compared to a reference GeForce GTX 1080 you get on average more than 20 percent more performance. With over 27 percent the difference at UHD/4K is even bigger. And this already shows what the Titan X is made for. This card is capable of producing over 50 fps in almost any game with details maxed out at UHD/4K.
Nevertheless, it must come quite expected that this much high-end, especially coming from NVIDIA, is anything but cheap. If you want a NVIDIA Titan X graphics card, you'll have to order it from NVIDIA directly and they'll charge you a whopping $1200 US or EUR 1299. But at least for this kind of money you do get the fastest single-GPU card money can buy these days.
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Cooling / Noise Level   + -

As noted earlier, the NVIDIA reference cooler is definitely capable of removing the heat from this particular card. Unfortunately the card is not inaudible in idle, which means the fan is always spinning. Just out of curiosity we tested whether the fan really had to stay on in idle and pulled the plug. We then noticed that the card could be passively cooled in idle and therefore it would be great if NVIDIA, like most of their board partners, would put a preset in place, which makes the fan spin when a certain temperature limit has been reached. Under load the card is still well audible and the cooler maintains a maximum temperature of 84°C.

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Performance   + -
The NVIDIA Titan X is simply the fastest single GPU card we've ever had for testing. It keeps the second fastest card we're having in our charts on a safe distance, maintaining a 13.7% lead.

When it comes to power consumption we see that our system burns 68 Watts in idle and 341 Watts under full load. Overall power consumption is on the level we expected it to be and keeping in mind that this GPU features significantly more CUDA cores than a GeForce GTX 1080, it was clear from the beginning that there would be a well measurable difference.
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Recommendation / Price   + -
As we've already mentioned several times, the NVIDIA Titan X is simply the fastest single GPU graphics card money can buy these days and this level of performance comes at a very steep price of $1200 US or 1299 Euro. If it's only the fastest that is good enough for you then this is the right product for you. Should you be looking for something even remotely in the value for money region then you're entirely wrong with this card.   - 2160p Gaming - Price
The NVIDIA Titan X 12GB receives excellent 4 out of 5 stars.


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