In Win 904 Plus Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 11.05.15
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Dust filters

The big lower opening of the 904 Plus features a washable dust filter, which is easy to remove thanks to a convenient magnet-based retention system.

Aluminum chassis

The entire internal and external structure of the In Win 904 Plus PC case is made from aluminum of different thickness. This choice, not only gives strength and durability to the case, but also add an extra touch in terms of the design.


All three 3.5" HDD cages placed inside the In Win 904 Plus use a hot-swap system. The sledges, as well as the case of the HDD cage, are made of high-grade aluminum with a quick release system.

Sleeved cables

The cables inside the case are sleeved with a high-end black sleeve. Loooks like In Win has thought of every detail in order to make your configuration as clean and tidy as possible.


Inside the bundle of the In Win 904 Plus there are many accessories which will greatly help with the build. In addition to traditional zip-ties and cable tiers, In Win also added two extension power cables, numerous spare screws and a small cleaning cloth for the tempered glass.

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