Bitfenix Shadow Review

Published by Francesco Daghini on 10.04.14
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Right Side


The right panel is plain and simple, painted black and with no cuts for fans or windows, and it is secured to the chassis with two quite practical thumb-screws. Once we remove the panel, we can see the motherboard tray, which has a cut-out behind the CPU socket, making it easier to install aftermarket cooling systems that require an additional backplate. On the bottom part of the motherboard tray, we find another opening, which could be used to orginize the PSU cable behind the motherboard, if you are using an mATX motherboard. Unfortunately, you should be a cable management master to be able to fit cable between the motherboard tray and the right panel, since the space between them is quite scarce. On the left side of the motherboard try, you can see another metal plate with three holes which can also be used for PSU cable arrangement.

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