Cougar 700K Gaming Keyboard Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 21.11.14
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Closer Look

Although the pictures above might be misleading, the size of the Cougar 700K is fairly small, in fact, the keyboard measures 487x230x40mm, with a weight of 1.2 kg. With the K700 Cougar is using the same high-quality aluminium that can also be found with their gaming mouse 700M, which makes for a very stiff product. The keyboard uses an aluminum chassis with a wrist rest made from hard plastic and rubber. In addition, inside the package, you get an additional wrist rest that adds extra comfort for WASD or arrow zones. The fastening system uses magnets and it is very easy as well as quick to deploy. Regarding the layout, you have five silver G-Key macro buttons at the left part of the keyboard, while the top part features profile and multimedia buttons. To offer a sixth programmable G-key, Cougar has literally split the space bar in two parts and the the right part is actually the sixth G-Key. Like all high-end gaming keyboards, the Cougar 700K uses CherryMX switches with orange backlight. In our case, these were Cherry MX Red switches.


As we mentioned earlier, the Cougar 700K also comes with quite a few multimedia buttons. Unlike many gaming keyboards tested so far, Cougar has also added dedicated buttons for volume and track control. Overall, we believe that this keyboard simply does not lack anything. The multimedia keys are located at the top end of the keyboard, which means they're not too easy to reach, but on the other hand that is not really an issue.



If you flip the Cougar 700K you will realize that this product is not too heavy. Although the weight is not as high as with other gaming keyboards, and thanks to its comfortable rubber feet, the 700K is well anchored to your desk. On the rear profile there are two 3.5mm audio jacks and a USB 2.0 port. The cable is sleeved, has an overall length of 1.8 meters and features double gold plated USB headers.

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