Ozone Strike Battle Spectra Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 13.02.17
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Closer Look

With the Strike Battle Spectra, Ozone created an interesting gaming keyboard which, as you can see from pictures, has a reduced size. In fact, the device belongs to the TKL series. The Strike Battle Spectra is made mainly from ABS and aluminum, of excellent quality, and with a paint job at the same high level. The upper plate, painted in black, is made of aluminum and gives the keyboard a solid feel and sturdiness. The black keycaps stand out prominently giving the product a both stylish and aggressive design. As usual, the top part of the keyboard is reserved for media keys that can be activated through the FN key placed on the left of the spacebar. Despite its very compact dimensions, the Strike Battle Spectra features customizable macro keys through the free software available from an official website. The Strike Battle Spectra is a mechanical keyboard and uses Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, great for most hardcore gamers. The backlight is RGB with different levels of intensity which can be selected via a dedicated button located at the top right part of the keyboard.

  • Strike Battle Spectra
  • Strike Battle Spectra
  • Strike Battle Spectra


  • Strike Battle Spectra
  • Strike Battle Spectra
  • Strike Battle Spectra

On the back of the keyboard you get a classic label showing the product information and a, non-removable, USB cable which is black and sleeved. As far as the stability is concerned, the Strike Battle keyboard features four rubber pieces arranged in the corners of the keyboard and, of course, two feet, also with rubber ends, which allows you to tilt the keyboard.

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