Microcool Banchetto K Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 20.03.14
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General   + -
We were pleasantly surprised by the strength of the product. Despite the size and the material used, Banchetto K is strong. The compact and rigid polyurethane called ILPOTECH is shock resistant and provides a pleasant feel to the touch. The layout is well thought out and implemented, however we would have loved see a better cable management, especially for the power supply.   - Design - ATX and E-ATX compatibility  
Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
The build quality is on a good level, but we noticed some slight burring near the screws. Overall, the materials used are well made. The installation process is quick and intuitive and does not require much time and use of screwdrivers.
We enjoyed the route for the SATA cable, but we would have liked to see the same solution for the 24-pin and 8-pin PSU cables, which would provide a much better and cleaner setup.
  - Build quality - Cable management on the back of the motherboard tray
Design   + -
Banchetto K uses a classic, compact and minimal design. Despite the lightness, the test bench offers a solid base in which to install your own components. The matte black color combined with the chrome finish gives it an aggressive look.   - Design - Color  
Recommendation   + -
Banchetto K from Microcool is listed on Geizhals.eu for around 100 euro excluding shipping costs. The price is slightly higher than what we would like but it is still in line with other similar products. Microcool Banchetto K is simple and very functional.     - Price
The Microcool Banchetto K gets good 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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