Enermax ETS-T40 Black Twister Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 25.04.14
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General + -
Overall, the Enermax ETS-T40 Black Twister is a very decent cooler. It is an affordable model aimed at mid-range market but comes with an impressive level of manufacturing quality as well as a good performance. While some coolers might be cheaper, they are also much cheaper in terms of design, simplicity and build quality. What we really loved was the black matte coating, as it makes this cooler stand out from the crowd and looks really special. We are quite sure that there are a bunch of modders out there waiting exactly for such a cooler. The overall performance is good and noise levels are decent as well although they could be a little bit lower. The cooler comes bundled with a 120mm PWM fan and Enermax used their famous Twister Bearing technology fan. The fan is a little noisy at 12Volt. We also liked the compatibility with a vast variety of sockets.   - Socket compatibility - Cooling capacity
- Build quality
- Design
-Bearing noise at 12V
Installation   + -
Mounting is quite simple as well as practical and there is a backplate, which means that cooler mounting is quite a breeze. Basically, the installation is self-explanatory and really isn't hard to do. When it comes to thermal compound there is a tube of Dow Corning thermal paste which is even enough for one more mounting.   - Basic mounting easy and practical - compatible to AMD sockets  
Performance   + -
The cooling performance of the Enermax ETS-40 Black Twister is definitely good for its size as, after all, we are not talking about a big, high-end, tower cooler. It does an overall good job and closer look at our test results reveals that at 7V,  it scores sixth in our comparison tables and at 12V it reaches eight spot. When PWM is enabled it comes in tenth, which is basically an average score. Overall, Enermax also did a good job in terms of cooling performance with the ETS-40, where we have to underline, that performance at 7V is rather convincing.   - Cooling performance at 7V -Bearing noise at 12V
Noise Levels   + -
The overall noise levels are not bad but the Enermax ETS-40 was not the most silent cooler we tested in our lab. Since the fan is different from the White version of the cooler and there is no switch to select the rotation speed, it is better to use this fan with PWM controller from the motherboard. It seems that Enermax has been working hard on tuning the bearings lately. If you are wondering about the overclocking capabilites, bear in mind that we did not have any issues running our test CPU at 4.4 GHz while the fan was set to 7V.   - Silent PWM


Recommendation / Price   + -
Should you be looking for a cooler with a good price/performance ratio, then the ETS-T40 Black Twister from Enermax is a safe bet. Other than that it features great design and we are sure there are a lot of modders out there that have been waiting for a completely matte black cooler. When it comes to pricing, we believe that the 32 Euro price is definitely fair in this case.   - Price - Mini-ITX Gaming  
We gave the ETS-T40 from Enermax 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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