Enermax Fulmo ST Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 27.02.14
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General   + -
The new Enermax Fulmo ST is quite a good case and offers a lot of different features. We liked the flexibility regarding cooling options and the space for high-end graphics card. Fulmo ST is well made, the steel frame is solid and the finish is in line with the products tested in the same price range. Last but not least is the price, which is very good for a windowed mid-tower case.   - Design
Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
The build quality is very good, the Fulmo ST is produced with really decent materials, and the black finish with a lot of mesh gives it an appealing look. Overall there is plenty of internal space and allows you to have a very powerful rig without worrying about messy cable management or high temperatures. Also on the backside of the motherboard or on the side panel, there is plenty of space to route lots of cables.   - Build quality - Interior Space  
Design   + -
The design is always a subjective aspect, but we appreciate the wide use of mesh and lines rather than plain square look. Since this model is proposed for gamers, you can install a large amount of radiators and fans. Fulmo ST utilizes a tool-less retention systems, which is definitely a plus in our book. However, we have found a couple of downsides, as for example, the lower dust filter is not so easy to remove and some edges are too sharp.   - Cooling - Dust filter not easy to remove
- Some edges are too sharp
Recommendation   + -
If you are looking for a case in the region of 70 Euro, which comes with quite a few decent features and a lot of internal space then the Fulmo ST from Enermax should have a place on your list.   - Gaming-PC
- Deskop-PC
The Enermax Fulmo ST gets good four out of five stars.

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