Bitfenix Phenom ITX Review

Published by Francesco Daghini on 19.05.14
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General   + -
As usual, Bitfenix rolled out a very good product. The Phenom is a small PC case that can fit high-end systems without any problems. We recommend this particular product if you are looking to make a smaller system, but you do not want to settle on lower performance.  

- Lots of interior space

Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
The manufacturing quality on this case is really good, the SofTouch finish that covers the front and top panels is just awesome, while the internal metal plates are well finished, without any sharp edges. Thumb-screws and toolless systems make the assembly process really simple and fun.  

- SofTouch finish - Tool-less systems

Design   + -
Design-wise, it is always hard to be objective, but I do not think there would be a single situation where this particular case would not fit. Whether you are a teenager which is into hardcore gaming, or an high-tech lover that wants an HTPC for your living room, the Bitfenix Phenom will fit like a glove. There is one tiny aspect we did not really understand is the fact that it features a 5.25" slot (with a 3.5"/2.5" adapter), but the front panel has no opening of any kind, so this slot can't be used for what it was originally designed.  

Simple look

-No usable 5.25" slot

Recommendation   + -
Despite the large number of features and modern technical solutions you get with the Bitfenix Phenom, the Mini-ITX version is sold for 65 to 70 €, which is more than reasonable for this kind of quality. Of course, this is not the right case if you have a multi-GPU rig with a huge cooling system, but it is more than able to deal with all the dual-slot GPUs on the market, and mid-size liquid cooling systems.  

- High-end PC
- Gaming

The Bitfenix Phenom gets good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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