Bitfenix Ronin Review

Published by Francesco Daghini on 02.06.14
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General   + -
BitFenix created a really good product with the Ronin. It features a few new interesting details and it is quite functional, where we want to underline the "Stealth Cover". This feature helps creating a more uniform look. Overall you can also consider this case to be good value for money, sind the price is rather competitive and you get a really decent number of features for the money spent.  

- Build quality

Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
Build quality is always good with BitFenix and it is something that we certainly did not have any doubt it. The internal space is painted black and there are no sharp edges. The outside features the SofTouch finish which is really great, both aesthetically and to the touch. The 5.25-inch tool-less mounting system could be improved, since the drives tend to move a little bit after they are in place.  

- SofTouch

- 5.25" tool less mounting system
Design   + -
Ronin's design makes it look much bigger than it really is, but it could actually be an upside since you can exploit the additional space to create a powerful rig with a liquid cooling system. Once you installed your rig inside the Ronin, the Stealth Cover will take care of the rest, giving it an aggressive look, covering any loose cables and focusing the attention to the important hardware.  

- Stealth Cover
- Cooling

Recommendation   + -
The BitFenix Ronin is fitted for most kinds of rig and can be used for an office system, high-tech living room, or in a gaming crib if you are an hardcore gamer looking for optimal cooling. This case is available on for 68€ which is more than reasonable for the quality you get from it.  

- Casual gamer
- Hardcore gamer

The BitFenix Ronin gets 4 out of 5 stars.

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