Enermax DigiFanless 550W Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 25.02.15
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With the DigiFanless 550W, Enermax offers a digital PSU, which is available for 200 Euro these days. Connectivity options are good and there is a total of four PCIe 6+2 connectors included in the bundle. For a 550W PSU the efficiency surpasses 80Plus Platinum standards with huge margin especially at 20% load.
This unit is very well manufactured and the DC output quality is simply excellent. Another neat feature, especially for silent systems is the fact, that this is a completely passive cooled power supply. Therefore you won't be hearing any noise from this unit. Another great sign of quality is, that the efficiency does not drop much between 50 and 100% Load. Additionally, because of it's very low ripple/noise, this PSU is very well suitable for high-end PC audio, where low ripple and noise values are what you're looking for.

Overall the Enermax DigiFanless 550W is one excellent power supply. Thank you very much for the good work Enermax!

We rate the Enermax DigiFanless 550W with 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. Although build quality and features are excellent the price is really steep.

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