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Published by Luca Rocchi on 11.05.15
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In conclusion, we can say that the 904 Plus from In Win is a mid-tower solution designed for those who wish to have an elegant PC case built with high-quality materials. The space available inside the case ensures good compatibility with high-end solutions as well as liquid cooling systems, even with a custom loop.

Despite the shape out of the side panels and the particular structure of the case, the available interior space is quite good, especially considering the elegant look of the 904 Plus PC case. Also the area dedicated to the cable management is sufficient to allow a good wiring. The In Win 904 Plus, as the little brother we reviewed a few months ago, uses an aluminum structure with different thickness and side panels made of smoked tempered glass. The build quality and finish of the case are almost perfect, and we did not detect defects or imperfections.
To test the case we used, as usual, a high-end graphics card and an AIO liquid cooling system, and we did not have any issues. The temperatures measured during the stress test are above the average of the products tested so far, due to the complete absence of fans inside the packaging.

This aspect, in our opinion, could be improved given the high cost of the product. Fans aside, the bundle of the case is quite rich and include accessories that are not usually you found in bundles, like extension cables or wipers.

The amount of features available is interesting and we especially appreciate the choice made by In Win regarding cable management as in order to obtain a tidy and clean rig, the company used a black sleeve on each cable inside the case, including three SATA cables.

When we add everything up, we can certainly recommend the 904 Plus to anyone who is looking for an elegant, classy and unusual mid-tower PC case. The case can accommodate high-end systems with aftermarket coolers. The In Win 904 Plus is available at for US $229 excluding shipping costs. The In Win 904 Plus receives 4.5 stars out of 5 .

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