Fractal Design Focus G Mini Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 01.06.17
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  Cooling Features Layout Build Quality Value for Money
Pros + Compatible with 120 and 240mm radiators + Compatible with high-end tower coolers + Tool-free + Dust filters + Interior space + Build quality on a good level + Good bundle
Cons   - USB 2.0      

After looking at all the facts and our experience with this PC case, we can say that the Focus G Mini from Fractal Design is a mini tower solution designed for those who wish to have a small case but also be able to use high-end components. The space available inside the case ensures good compatibility with high-end products and AIO coolers or tower heatsinks. Despite its very small dimensions, the available interior space is above average for a PC case of this type. Also the area dedicated to the cable management is very good thanks to extra space on the side panels. The size is not the only small thing with the Focus G Mini as the weight is well below an average and usually this factor also indicates the quality of the steel used. Despite its small weight, the Focus G Mini has impressive build quality while the paint job is very good and we did not detect any defects or imperfections. To test the case we used, as usual, a high-end graphics card with big tower cooler without any issues. The temperatures detected during the stress test are close to the average of the products tested so far and with a couple of additional fans, it is possible to further improve the temperatures. The amount of features available is interesting and we especially appreciate the choice made by Fractal Design regarding cable management, as in order to obtain a tidy and clean configuration, the manufacturer has chosen to use curved side panels which also helps during the installation of the CPU cooler heatsink.

On this case there is only one little flaws and concerns the I/O panel. When we started the photosession, we were surprised to find a USB 2.0 port paired with one USB 3.0 port. Since the USB 2.0 ports are quite old, we wonder why there is such an obsolete USB port on this case. Since there are several fan slots, we would like to see a small fan controller or simply another USB 3.0 connector. In conclusion, we can easily recommend the Focus G Mini PC case to anyone looking for a cheap mini-tower PC case which is well made and able to also accommodate high-end products. The Fractal Design Focus G Mini is available on Geizhals with a price of 55 Euro excluding shipping costs. The Focus G Mini receives 4 stars out of 5

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