New DDR3 Memory World Record 4230 MHz

Wednesday, 05.06.2013 
Christian Ney strikes again
Posted by Marc Büchel
ocaholic's Christian Ney has been invited by G.Skill to join them at Computex in order to break some more memory world records and to show what's possible with the G.Skill's latest memory kits. After a bit more then a day Christian Ney already comes up with a new world record, pushing G.Skill memory modules, which are based on Hynix MFR chips to an incredible 2115.1 MHz (effective 4230.2 MHz).

A closer look at the setup reveals that Christian Ney has been using a new Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell CPU, which has been mounted on an ASUS Maximus VI Impact. It's quite astonishing that this record has been achieved on a miniITX motherboard. A closer look at memory timings reveals that Christian Ney set them to CL13 31-31-45. The first time is quite tight whereas all the other are really loose.

We congratulate Christian Ney and of course also G.Skill to this astonishing result! Maybe in the upcoming days Chris will mange to score even higher clock speeds.

English by Slobodan Simic and Marc Büchel - German by William Zwingenberger, Marc Büchel - French by Marine Degli Agosti - Italian by Francesco Daghini

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