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With the launch of the RTX 2080 and the RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards, NVIDIA has presented their upcoming high-end offerings. As we already mentioned this has been a rather strange launch and adding to that the green fraction has also showcased a cheaper model; the RTX 2070 für $499 US.

Available on September 20

NVIDIA has finally announced what we’ve all been waiting for and expecting: their new generation of consumer graphics cards based on the Turing architecture with ray-tracing capabilities. During yesterday’s conference, the company revealed three new cards, which includes the GeForce RX 2070, GeForce RTX 2080 and the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

On Twitter

It's a well-known secret that Intel is working on a discrete graphics card, which is supposed to be released by 2020. However, as of today it's still unknown what it will look like. Today Intel itself has shed some light on a possible upcoming product sharing first images via Twitter.

Up to 2TB capacity

ADATA has shown their new SU800 series of SSDs which all use 3D TLC NAND flash memory. According to the vendor these chips are supposed to offer enhanced performance when compared to SSDs that make use of planar NAND. In the case of the controller there is a Silicon Motion SM2285G and all the new drives features a 2.5 inch package.

To fans seem better than one

Yesterday during their conference NVIDIA has finally shown the new Founders Edition cooler. Already at a first glance it really looks like a step forward since the company is finally making use of a dual-fan design not using a single radial/blower-type-fan anymore.

Called Gigabyte B450i Aorus Pro WiFi

Already a few months ago, Gigabyte presented details on its upcoming mini-ITX models. Meanwhile, there are finally more details on the so called B450i Aorus Pro WiFi. For example it’s interesting to see that the Aorus brand got expanded down to the B-Series chipset.

Turing announcement expected

NVIDIA is holding the Gaming Celebration "BeForTheGame" event at an undisclosed location in Germany. You can follow the company's livestream event here at 9AM PT on August 20.

A bunch of new models spotted

It's an open secret that the launch of NVIDIA's next-gen GPUs is just around the corner. According to the latest rumors, the company will switch away from the "GTX" branding adding the prefix "RTX" in front of the their high-end gaming grade graphics cards. Currently there is quite a lot of information online on the two different models and we've put together a list for you guys so you have an overview regarding what's coming from which vendor.

First LanCool branded tower since ages

During the CES 2018, we've heard that Lian Li is working on new products using their LanCool brand, which they've pushed to the side for quite a while. A few years ago, LanCool had a wide portfolio of cases which were designed and made by Lian Li. Basically LanCool was Lian Li's entry level brand.

A few days after the official launch

Last week, AMD unveiled their Threadripper 2000 series CPUs which include four new models. Shortly after the launch, several overclockers have uploaded results, which show that the these chips can be run at up to 6GHz.

For Threadripper 2 CPUs

Alongside the announcement of the Threadripper 2 processors, AMD has unveiled a capable cooler that can handle the rumored 250W TDP, which these chips are supposed to produce. According to AMD, Threadripper 2 will come with an Asetek retention bracket providing compatibility with a number of closed-loop water coolers. For this particular cooler the company teamed up with Cooler Master to come up with a capable tower cooler as well.

Second EVGA X299 mATX available

At Computex 2018, EVGA has unveiled an updated version of their original X299 Micro, which the company had launched the calendar year before. The new model comes with an improved CPU VRM design which should work better combined with Intel Core i9 HCC processors.

Up to 5.0GHz in single core

A few weeks ago, the first specifications on Intel's upcoming 9th generation processors have started to surface. Now it looks like the first bunch of official slides have leaked into the net and once more the source is VideoCardz.

Featuring RGB LEDs

EKWB is ready to show a new capable monoblock compatible with the X470 Taichi and X470 Taichi Ultimate motherboard. This monoblock will apparently add water cooling to both the CPU and the VRM, thanks to a huge single water block.

First motherboard for Threadripper 2000 CPUs

MSI has released the MEG X399 Creation, this motherboard should be the flagship model for the AMD TR4 socket. The company showed off this board during the last Computex held this June.

For Fallout fans

NZXT released a special edition of its H700 mid-tower chassis. The H700 Nuka-Cola is colored with a custom paint job inspired by the Nuka-Cola brand of soda of the Fallout series. The main difference regards the custom paint, artworks and stickers.

Available in September

During the last weeks we have seen several rumors about the upcoming NVIDIA graphics cards. According to latest rumors, NVIDIA might use a new cooler for the upcoming generation. The new reference design might sport two fans instead of one.

Available next October

EA has released the full system requirements list for their upcoming Battlefield V Alpha game. With Battlefield V, EA will use the latest Frostbite engine and features a lot of wide open-world spaces to explore. Anyway the system requirements looks rather similar to Battlefield 1.

23rd Aug, 15th Sept and 21st of Sept are important

The American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently in the process of deciding whether they want to accept or reject an number of different Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These are certainly amongst the most important decisions regarding the further development of the cryptocurrency markets.

By 3 to 5 percent

Not long ago the team behind the Claymore mining software added version 11.9 to their git repository available for download. As usual quite a few bugs have been fixed but with this version they also claim that Ethereum mining performance has been increased.

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