AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2000 packaging revealed

Alongside with performance data

AMD's first generation Ryzen Threadripper packaging was rather interesting. With the second generation of CPUs, AMD offers another fetching packaging. AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2000 will come in a futuristic pod fabricated from textured and transparent materials.

A reviewer called IXBT has published a review of the upcoming AMD high-end processors. The video unveils the packaging of the Threadripper 2950X and 2990WX. The video has been removed from Youtube however Videocardz has been able to take screenshots from the video that you can see below.

According to the screenshots, inside the box you will find the CPU alongside with a case sticker, Asetek Threadripper mounting plate and a torx screwdriver. Furthermore there will be a dummy processor for display purpose.

Meanwhile AMD France has published some performance data for its upcoming Threadripper Ryzen 2990WX processors. According to AMD, the upcoming CPU will be way faster than Intel's flagship Core i9-7980XE. The company has accidentally revealed a Cinebench R15 score of 5'099 points. The AMD setup delivers almost twice performance of the Intel CPU. Anyway we aren't so surprised since the AMD CPU comes with 32 cores and 64 threads, while the Intel processors sports 18 cores and 36 threads.

The launch looks very close and we will know more during next weeks.

Source: OC3D

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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