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Intel Core i7-4770K vs AMD A10-6800K IGP - Any good for Gaming?

Published by Marc Büchel on 06.12.13 (39760 reads)
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In the past few years, Intel and AMD have spent a lot of resources in improving the performance of their integrated graphics units. Intel has been working hard to make sure their HD graphics becomes competitive with AMDs Radeon units. Today we're going to compare the HD 4600 graphics unit we find with Intels latest Core i7-4770K CPU to AMDs HD 8670D, that can be found in their A10-6800K APU. Next to the raw performance differences we also want to know if these chips can - under certain circumstances - be used for gaming.

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Page 1 - Introduction Page 5 - Crysis 3 & Dirt Showdown
Page 2 - Test Setup Page 6 - Metro Last Light & Sleeping Dogs
Page 3 - 3DMark & Unigine Heaven 4.0 Page 7 - Performance Index
Page 4 - Battlefield 3 & Bioshock: Infinite Page 8 - Conslusion

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