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With the upcoming socket AM4, AMD is going to change the mounting holes. Quite a few manufacturers have already updated their own CPU cooler-series with AM4 retention kits, offering cost-free or cheap upgrade. The socket AM4 is going to support Bristol-Ridge APUs as well as Ryzen CPUs based on the upcoming Zen architecture.

Thermal compound comparison

27.01.2017 - Posted by Luca Rocchi

Is there any difference?

If you are a PC enthusiast and you like building your own PC, at some point you will start asking yourself which thermal compound is the best for your gaming PC. KitGuru has put a nice comparison article together showing the temperatures with seven different thermal compounds on an Intel rig.

Low profile CPU cooler for up to 70W TDP CPUs

CoolChip Technologies has teased its new low profile Kinetic CPU cooler for Skylake CPUs, which will combine heatsink and fan in a single unit.

Special Edition designed by Malik Customs

SilentiumPC has unveiled its newest edition of the Fortis 3 CPU cooler, the Fortis 3 HE1425 Malik Customs Edition. The new edition is a result of cooperation between SilentiumPC and a well known custom system builder, Malik, owner of Malik Customs.

Based on classic D-Type dual fin-stack design

ID-Cooling has announced its newest Hunter VC-Twin CPU cooler that will be based on a D-type dual fin-stack design with two fans and five 8mm-thick copper heatpipes.

Three new models

Xilence, well known for its cooling and PSU products has announced its new Performance C series line of CPU coolers.

Single-tower CPU cooler

Cryorig has announced a new addition to its popular Hive Fin base H series line of CPU cooler, the Cryorig H5 Ultimate.

Black and White Edition

European PC cooling specialist, Alpenföhn, has announced two new versions of its Matterhorn CPU cooler, the Matterhorn Black Edition and Matterhorn White Edition.

Tower design CPU cooler

SilentiumPC has unveiled its latest tower-style CPU cooler, the Spartan PRO-B HE924. Featuring four direct contact heatpipes paired up with a large heatsink and 92mm fan, the new Spartan PRO-B HE924 CPU cooler promises exceptional performance.

The IS-VC45 with vapor chamber technology

ID-Cooling, which has been in the cooling industry for quite some time, has released its newest CPU cooler aimed at mini-ITX systems and based on vapor chamber technology, the IS-VC45.

With the Cryorig Origami

Most of us were sometime stressed about choosing a new and proper piece of hardware for the system, luckily, Cryorig will make that job a bit easier by choosing the right cooler for your system.

The fourth generation Swirl series

The Dutch company Spire has unveiled the 4th generation of its Swirl series CPU cooler, the new Swirl IV, which is based on a heatsink that features a unique design with swirl-shaped aluminum fins.

Tower cooler with honeycomb design

Cryorig is about to launch a new tower CPU cooler on the market, the H5. At a first look it might seems that the H5 is just like any other cooler, but it's not: it features an innovative honeycomb design for the heatsink, instead of the classic fins.

CPU cooler for HTPCs

SilentiumPC is a Polish which is specialized in coolers and PC cases. Their latest product is a little cooler which should fit nicely in HTPC cases, to cool down Intel CPUs: we are talking about the new Infantis LP812.

Under Cooltek brand

Korean company Thermolab made a deal with Cooltek, a german company, to bring their little CPU coolers on the european market. We are talking about the ITX30 and the LP53.

Two silent fans from Spire

16.06.2014 - Posted by Guillaume H.

Air Force 120 and Air Force 120 LED

Spire is a company located in the Netherlands and has a big portfolio of different products including PC cases, coolers, fans, and other peripherals. Today, they have unveiled two 120mm fans which should be really silent.

Twin-tower high-end cooler

SilentiumPC is doing quite a push for high-end PC cooling market and is currently working on a new twin-tower high-end CPU cooler, the Grandis XE1236.

Dual fan air-cooler for bunch of graphics cards

Raijintek has unveiled its newest addition to the VGA cooler lineup, the dual-fan Raijintek Morpheus cooler which will support most, if not all, single GPU graphics cards, including the R9 290 series and the GTX Titan (Black) and GTX 780/780 Ti graphics cards.

The new mini-ITX cooler

CRYORIG is one of the youngest companies that offers after market cooling solutions. Thanks to their R1 cooler they already have a good reputation and now they're trying their luck with the C1, which is a MiniITX model.

Two new fans from Aerocool

08.04.2014 - Posted by Guillaume H.

Air Force, 120 and 140mm

Aerocool have announce two news series of fans, which are called Air Force 120 and Air Force 140. What makes them special is an additional grid that helps channeling the airflow.
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